Supplier Rationalisation

It's all about making the procurement process as easy as possible

Having a seamless procurement process in place across your supply-chain with the flexibility and speed to meet the demands of your customers is crucial to maintain customer satisfaction.

Procurement needs to be fast, cost-effective and efficient to manage all of your customer requirements. How are you managing this?

Successful organisations achieve this by consolidating their IT supply-chain, providing the flexibility and speed to manage all types of customer requirements. ASM Technologies can help.

We provide an appropriate, structured and robust solution that delivers sustainable cost-savings across indirect and non-strategic technology spend.

If you are looking to:

  • Simplify your supplier/vendor management process
  • Reduce costs through consolidating your noncore, niche and tail end spend
  • Become more flexible and efficient
  • Speed up your delivery times
  • Standardise your IT supply-chain engagement model

ASM Technologies can help.

At ASM Technologies we take ownership of your product ranges, commodities and suppliers that make up the 'tail end' of the supply chain. By reducing and consolidating the number of ad-hoc purchases through the 'tail end' of the supply chain, the overall cost of engagement is reduced with the knowledge that quality levels are maintained.

We can help you:

Achieve operational efficiencies and reduce costs: through consolidating your non-core, niche and tail-end IT spend we can help you reduce year on year cost savings

Get the best commercial terms: by providing you access to a much broader product portfolio we can add significant commercial value to the procurement process

Manage the complete product acquisition process: through a simplification of your current set of processes, we can help make the process much simpler, quicker and cost effective

Understand different vendor policies: with a full understanding of all global vendor policies, we always deliver what our customers want.

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