Software Supply and Licensing

Bespoke software solutions delivered intelligently by us for you

A software platform that enables your organisation to move with future trends, establishing a fully dynamic and managed software estate is the lifeblood of your orgsanisation.

There is an ever increasing need for organisations to move to a more strategic software model, where processes and systems are in place to ensure continuous compliancy, total clarity of your software deployment and cost-effective procurement. How are you managing this?

Successful organisations have access to all major software vendors, choose the right piece of software at the right price, enabling them to become more cost-effective and to move with future trends. ASM Technologies can help.

Delivered through our specialist software team, we offer a wide range of software products from over 600 providers across the globe.

If you are looking to:

  • Deliver the right software at the right price
  • Reduce costs and increase performance
  • Mitigate risk and comply with legal software requirements
  • Maximise your margins
  • Deliver innovative software products

ASM Technologies can help.

As a vital link in the technology supply chain, the breadth and depth of our portfolio makes the latest software solutions accessible, viable and cost effective.

We can help you:

Understand different vendor policies: with a full understanding of all global vendor policies, we always deliver what our customers want

Reduce costs and increase performance: identifying the most cost effective and flexible way to license your software, we can secure you the best deal using our significant buying power

Minimise risk with software partners: through a single, reliable and consistent procurement process, we can mitigate current risk levels with non-strategic software vendors

Deliver innovative services: offering expertise on key software services, scoping opportunities and our wealth of experience, we can maximise your margins and deliver innovative services

Retain your customers: unrivalled access to global software vendors, faster requisition to delivery times and visibility of emerging technologies delivers unparalleled end client retention for you.

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