Lifecycle Management

Managing the risk, cost and complexity of IT assets through their lifecycle

The on-going management of IT assets through their lifecycle including deployments, quicker replacements, warranty support, disposal and recycling of legacy/unwanted devices and associated data can be a challenging, resourceful and time consuming activity for many organisations.

With customer service cost-cutting at the forefront of your mind, you need to ensure maximum return on investment from new technology purchases with minimum effort. How are you managing this?

Successful organisations simplify the management of IT assets throughout their lifecycle, removing cost and complexity from their operations to become more cost-effective and efficient.

ASM Technologies can help.

Our unique lifecycle management service adds real business value, cost savings and takes the pain away of managing your IT assets, helping you to overcome these challenges.

If you are looking to:

  • Improve warranty support
  • Get faster replacements
  • Reduce costs
  • Remove complexity from your operations
  • Meet sustainability targets
  • Maximise current processes for more vendors

ASM Technologies can help.

As a vital link in the technology supply chain, the in-house skills, experience and industry recognised accreditations (ISO 9001-2008/ISO 14001, WEEE and RoHS compliance with waste handling licenses) makes our Lifecycle Management service accessible, viable and cost effective.

We can help you:

  • Remain agile and competitive: providing a fast and reliable lifecycle management service, we will help minimise the risk of business disruption and maximise agility
  • Reduce costs and increase performance: managing the complete lifecycle of your IT assets through maximizing and reutilizing defective/returned stock, we will help reduce both operational and capital expenditure, leaving you to focus on your day job
  • Meet sustainability targets: through our recovery, disposal and recycling services, we will enable you to meet both your green objectives as well as government legislations
  • Operate efficiently: through our simple and tailored lifecycle management service, we can help your organisations remove cost and complexity from its operations.
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