ASM Technologies Takes Care of IT Hardware from Cradle to Grave on Behalf of the IT Channel

ASM Technologies Takes Care of IT Hardware from Cradle to Grave on Behalf of the IT Channel

27th November 2013, London:

ASM Technologies, the agile technology distribution company for the IT channel, has today launched a new service to enable Systems Integrators (SIs) and distributors to outsource the lifecycle management of the physical IT assets they offer to their customers. By managing the physical return, replacement, recycle and disposal of IT hardware on the channel's behalf, the new 'IT Lifecycle Management' service enables IT resellers to focus on the core revenue-generating aspects of their business while ensuring regulatory compliance.

SIs and distributors make their money by selling and deploying innovative solutions to their customers. The disposal of used IT hardware or the replacement of faulty goods is therefore not core to their business. ASM Technologies' new IT Lifecycle Management service helps SIs and distributors to focus on their core business by handling the physical delivery, return, and replacement of IT hardware on their behalf. In addition, ASM's recovery, disposal and recycling services enables channel providers to meet both their green objectives as well as ensuring compliance to government legislations such as WEEE. ASM Technologies' environmental management processes are also ISO 14001 certified, meaning that the environmental impact of its work is always being measured and improved. This results in reduced waste management costs, lower energy use and lower distribution costs of the IT Lifecycle Management service for ASM's customers.

In addition to enabling the channel to focus on its core business while ensuring compliance to waste management regulations, ASM Technologies' IT Lifecycle Management service provides the following benefits to the IT channel and IT hardware vendors:

  • Improved warranty support: With a centralised data repository of its customers' inventories to improve reporting, cost effective support and the speedy delivery of quality replacements, ASM allows the channel to deliver the best warranty support to its customers. For IT vendors, they have the peace of mind that replacement products are in their customers' hands as soon as possible and with minimum hassle, helping to preserve brand loyalty
  • Attract and manage more vendors: With a more efficient IT lifecycle management process in place the channel is free to add more vendors to its supply chain or attract new vendors that would previously have been reluctant to join the inventory due to concerns with the channel's support or disposal capabilities
  • Faster replacements: Due to the high stock levels that ASM maintains for its customers, it can often issue replacement products the very same day it is reported as defective
  • Reduced operational and capital expenditure on IT lifecycle management: By improving the efficiency and speed of the returns and disposal process, ASM offers a lower cost alternative to managing the process in-house
  • Reduced environmental impact of IT hardware: IT vendors know that their unused hardware is recycled or disposed of in an environmentally sustainable way

Iain Tomkinson, Sales Director at ASM Technologies comments, "Lifecycle management has long been considered a necessary evil when selling and implementing IT hardware. Yet the physical side of handling returns, replacements and the disposal or recycling of IT hardware is not a core service of the channel, so why should it do it? Physically carrying electrical equipment from the cradle to the grave is simply not the core business of the channel. We therefore devised the IT Lifecycle Management service to enable the channel to focus on its core business of building and deploying innovative solutions to its customers."

Jane Craven, Director of Telecom Sales at Sennheiser UK, one of the suppliers that has recently signed up to the service comments, "We have been very impressed with ASM's support capabilities to date that we were happy to extend our partnership with the company to include the Lifecycle Management Service. With ASM handling all aspects of the delivery, returns and disposal of our products, we have the peace of mind that our end-users are receiving the best experience from their Sennheiser purchases at every point of their lifecycle, and are never without their devices for longer than necessary in the rare case that a replacement is needed. Partnering with ASM Technologies has proven to be a very sound business decision for Sennheiser UK."

ASM Technologies is a unique technology distribution company in the IT sector which helps SIs, VARs and IT vendors to work better together so that each can focus on their core businesses and deliver the best solutions to end users. ASM supports the channel by helping it to consolidate its unruly supply chains and by handling the non-core logistical elements of its business, while it helps IT vendors to gain access to a broader pool of channel customers and ensures a minimum standard in the quality of the delivery of their goods and services to end users. ASM currently has access to a broad portfolio of over 800 manufacturers, vendors and publishers from over 2,500 suppliers.

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ASM Technologies rationalises suppliers and consolidates technology spend associated with indirect, non-core and 'tail end' suppliers for the IT channel. With access to a broad portfolio of over 800 manufacturers, vendors and publishers from over 2,500 suppliers, ASM customers gain sustainable cost savings, efficiencies, economies of scale and a more proactive methodology of accessing commodities across the global market place. ASM's channel-only model has proved to deliver long term benefits direct to the bottom line for systems integrators, value-added resellers (VARs), software publishers, hardware vendors and maintenance providers. From software to server spares, peripherals to print and connectivity to consumables, ASM Technologies has a solution that will cut costs and add real value to the supply chain.

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