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Get your customers ready for Apple Pay.
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Could this be the technology that sees the mobile phone replace plastic payment cards for your customers? Apple's global brand power is such that the interest Apple Pay has inspired in the consumer will reverberate around the mobile payment ecosystem which includes your customers – retailers and their 'mobile point of sale' (MPOS) partners.

You need to be ready - Apple Pay is set to launch in the UK in 2015 and the success in the US shows there will be a higher adoption rate as many US brands will be prepared to accept it internationally in their UK outlets. Since its US launch in 2014, Apple Pay is already supported by 2,500 card-issuing banks while the number of locations accepting Apple Pay has tripled to nearly 700,000.

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a contact payment technology as well as a new feature for iPhone 6 and Apple Watch. It pulls credit cards, debit cards, and other sensitive-payment data from the Passbook application, enabling your customers to offer this technology as a wallet for their customers when making purchases.

What are the benefits to your customers?

  • Accelerate access to consumer demand
  • Increase customer retention rates and protection from risk, fraud and loss using robust best practice cryptography
  • Uncover and address new data protection challenges arising from evolving mobile payments models and processes
  • Manage cryptographic keys effectively across the mobile payments process
  • Implement proven, certified, tamper-resistant security solutions without compromising performance
  • Leveraging standards such as FIPS140-2 to meet PCI DSS 3.0 regimes
  • Accelerate deployments - Thales products integrate out of the box with payment processing software from leading vendors
  • Stay flexible to adapt to changes in mobile payments processes and business models.

ASM Technologies is a leading partner for Thales hardware security modules (HSMs) and Thales secure payments services that secure 80% of global bank payments.

Your customers can benefit from the experience of Thales and maximise their revenues from the demand for Apple Pay in a secure manner minimising fraud, risk and loss in this new technology area.

Register Today - Stay ahead of the curve and meet your customer demands for Apple Pay

ASM Technologies, in partnership with Thales, invite you to attend an 'Apple Pay Lunch & Learn Session' on a date/time and office convenient for you where you will:

  • Find out all about Apple Pay
  • The ASM/Thales solution
  • Benefits for your customers
  • Pitfalls and Risks
  • Be prepared for Apple Pay to meet customer demands


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