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Getting the right software products in front of your target audience cost-effectively, quickly and efficiently is a vital part of your technology supply-chain.

There is an ever increasing need for organisations to strengthen supplier relationships to work together to achieve higher margins, greater efficiencies and accelerate the time to market. How are you managing this?

Successful organisations get closer to the points of supply and demand, enabling them to market their software products quicker, having access to the right people at the right time whilst cutting costs and driving efficiencies. ASM Technologies can help.

Delivered through our specialist software team, we offer a wide range of software products from over 600 providers across the globe.

If you are looking to:

  • Deliver the right software at the right price
  • Reduce costs and increase performance
  • Gain a quicker route to market
  • Maximise your margins
  • Showcase innovative software products

ASM Technologies can help.

As a vital link in the technology supply chain, the breadth and depth of our portfolio enables your software products to be accessible, viable and available more effectively.

We can help you:

Strengthen your product offerings: by getting you closer to the points of supply and demand

Get your products in front of your target audience: unrivalled access to software vendors across the globe gets your products in front of the right people at the right time

Speed up your time to market: already transacting and supplying products in 30 countries across 4 continents, we can secure you the quickest route to market

Remain agile in a competitive market: address and resolve critical supply chain events through automated monitoring, alerts and measurements

Retain your customers: unrivalled access to global software vendors, faster requisition to delivery times and visibility of emerging technologies delivers unparalleled end client retention for you.

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